justletgo practice room amesbury

JustLetGo Therapy – now available in the High Street!

We are excited to announce that we now have a second therapy location in Amesbury, right in the centre of town!

Monday and Friday appointments may now be booked at the Body Harmony Clinic, 22 Salisbury St, Amesbury.  Looking forward to joining Jo and the Team in this new and exciting practice location.

Visit our Therapy page at the Body Harmony Clinic and book an appointment now!

brain working recursive therapy

Content Free Therapy that doesn’t invade your privacy BWRT

Brain Working Recursive Therapy is a new and exciting content free therapy created and developed by Terence Watts, therapist, author, and principal of the Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis in 2011.  This exciting new protocol is bringing rapid results for many people, often in a single session and rarely requiring more than four.

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