Habit Control

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Habit Control

"A change in bad habits leads to a change in life itself"

Help to control your bad habits

There are many common habits that people have that don’t cause them any concern, however if a bad habit causes you stress or concern hypnotherapy can help you deal with it effectively by providing you with a means to achieve habit control.

“We are not born with any habits, they are simply a learned behaviour”

What is a habit?

We are not born with any habits.  A habit is a “learned behaviour” a skill by another name.  The sub-conscious is “trained” over a period of time to perform a new activity and very soon it does it automatically.  Many habits originate from a period in your life when you were young and can often be a coping mechanism for stress or emotional disturbance.

“I wish I could stop my XXX habit”

I’m sure you have heard that expression many times, maybe even used it yourself.  There are many habits that people find very difficult to quit, however habit control is easily learned using hypnotherapy or BWRT and usually results in permanent change.

Common habits include: –

  • Nail biting
  • Skin or spot picking
  • Teeth Grinding
  • Adult thumb sucking
  • Nose picking
  • Blushing
  • Adult bed wetting
  • Chocolate compulsion
  • Joint cracking
  • Hair pulling
  • Smoking
  • Snacking
  • Shopping – overspending
  • Internet/Mob phone dependency
habit control uisng hypnotherapy or BWRT

Habit control using BWRT & Hypnotherapy

Habit control is possible using Hypnotherapy as it allows us to talk directly to the sub-conscious and replace the habit with a more favourable response.  The sub-conscious may also simply choose to accept that the habit is no longer serving useful purpose and will cease doing it.  If the sub-conscious accepts the new activity it creates new neural pathways and habit control replaces the old habit routine.

Most bad habits also respond well to a new rapid change therapy – BWRT.  It is completely different from hypnotherapy and allows you to make the changes without sharing any of your innermost thoughts and experiences.  You can read more about this amazing new therapy on our BWRT® page

  • Banish those unwanted habits now!

    No matter how long you have had your bad habit you can change it if you decide you no longer want to put up with it!  Our therapy can give you a new habit control skill that allows you to be free of the old routine.

  • Which therapy is best for me?

    Hypnotherapy and BWRT® both have high success rates in habit control.  Your therapist will advise you which is considered best for you, allowing you to make an informed choice before undergoing therapy.  Further information can be found on our BWRT® and Hypnotherapy pages.

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No more bad habits!

habit control success with hypnotherapy

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Please note:

For some conditions hypnotherapy can only be used if you have written permission from your GP or consultant, including any condition where you are are under supervision of a psychiatrist or mental health professional.  This is to ensure that any medical treatment you may be undergoing will not conflict with hypnotherapy or vice versa.  If you have any questions about this please contact us directly for more information before booking a session.  Please see our information page for further details including our therapy disclaimer.

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