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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Your symptoms are not "All in the Mind" - they are physical feelings that can be managed.

IBS Help

IBS can be a debilitating condition, and is estimated to affect around 10-15% of people in our society.  Medical opinion and research continues to work towards finding the cause of IBS, and yet even today there is no clear diagnosis for the condition. Usually the patient is diagnosed by a process of elimination of other organic causes.

“At JustLetGo we recognise that your symptoms are real and not all in the mind”

Stress and Anxiety?

Sufferers will often experience a combination of the symptoms, varying from mild to severe.  IBS often disrupts or prevents them from enjoying certain activities and has an overall negative affect on their lifestyle and wellbeing.

As well as traditional use of medication, sufferers have found relief by making diet changes and reduction of stress in their life.  Stress and anxiety are believed to be a major contributing factor in people who sufferer from IBS.  Reiki and Hypnotherapy can help alleviate stress allowing the sufferers to better manage the symptoms.

Typical symptoms of IBS…

  • Abdominal pain / discomfort and spasms
  • Diarrhoea often followed by constipation
  • Bloating and flatulence
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Vomiting
IBS hypnotherapy can help

Please Note:  We do not diagnose any medical condition and the above examples are given for your information only.  If you attend JustLetGo for help with IBS  you will be required to confirm that you have been medically diagnosed with the condition prior to receiving any complementary treatment.

IBS – Getting help with Reiki & Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy treatment programmes

Clinical trials in recent years have shown IBS responds well to hypnotherapy1,2 and whilst no treatment can be seen to be effective for all patients results using hypnotherapy have been very encouraging.  Patients who took part in trials reported an overall feeling of well being and consequently an improvement in quality of life.

In the UK, Prof Peter Whorwell has been a leading light in the introduction and use of hypnotherapy for IBS since the early 1980’s at the South Manchester Functional Bowel Service unit. NHS treatment using Hypnotherapy is reporting that around 70% of patients are experiencing greater control of their symptoms, including less bloating, pain, and improved bowel functions.  The result is a substantial increase in their quality of life3.

The JustLetGo IBS programme

Alan is a fully certified hypnotherapist with the APHP and has been working with IBS clients since 2008.  He has developed a programme that has provided many IBS clients with a means to help manage their condition.  As well as one to one hypnotherapy and Reiki sessions you will receive a bespoke audio recording that should be listened to in between sessions and also as a future reinforcement of the relaxation techniques Alan will teach you during your visits.

Hypnosis & guided imagery

Alan introduces you to the power of hypnosis in a gentle way.  Reducing the symptoms of “Irritable Bowel Syndrome” begins with learning to enter a state of enhanced consciousness (self-hypnosis) similar to meditation.  Your sub-conscious mind is often focused on your symptoms without your conscious knowledge.  When your sub-conscious begins to do more enjoyable and imaginative work in a meditative state then the symptoms can take a back seat and become less important to the sub-conscious.  Regular practice reinforces your new sub conscious learning and empowers you to take control and manage your IBS.

BWRT UK Advanced therapist Alan Artt Amesbury Salisbury Wiltshire


Reiki complements hypnotherapy on a physical and emotional level.  The client receives the Reiki healing energy via the practitioners hands which are placed in several positions on or above the body according to the area being treated.  Reiki relaxes the muscles and bowel which can be beneficial in relieving the physical discomfort of IBS.

You will also learn how to use basic Reiki techniques on yourself to relax you both physically and mentally at any time you feel the need.  The combination of both Hypnotherapy and Reiki in many cases greatly enhances the client’s ability to cope with what for many is a debilitating condition.  As well as helping you cope effectively with your IBS the treatment often results in an increase in well being, confidence, enthusiasm and self-worth.

Lifelong Skills

In additions to helping you manage your IBS at JustLetGo we teach you skills that allow you to enhance your wellbeing and quality of life. We teach you the following techniques during your treatment sessions…

  • Self-hypnosis for deep relaxation
  • How to use imagery to promote well being
  • How to self administer Reiki.

Our promise to you

We treat each client individually and develop the best plan for you, after all you are a unique individual, not a statistic!  We recognise that your physical symptoms are not “all in the mind” but are a real and physical manifestation of the condition known as IBS.  Throughout your treatment programme we will guide you as you travel on the path towards the healthier and fulfilling life that you deserve.

The journey to better health

A large percentage of people find some relief after only 2-3 sessions, however it can take between 6 -12 sessions or more to see real benefit, depending on the severity of your symptoms.  Alan will monitor and discuss your progress at all stages and suggest an attendance plan to suit your needs.

  • Hypnotherapy & Reiki

    Hypnotherapy and Reiki are a useful complementary treatment which can help with IBS.  They can be very effective in controlling the symptoms and enhancing your quality of life.

  • Help With IBS & Stress Management

    We teach you self-hypnosis which can really help you relax and we also teach you how to self-administer Reiki.  Both these tools will help you to take control of negative stress and are a lifetime skill that is easily learned.

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Call us today on 01980 505645 and take the first steps towards managing your IBS.

1. Whorwell PJ; Prior A; Faragher EB. Controlled trial of hypnotherapy in the treatment of severe refractory irritable-bowel syndrome – The Lancet 1984, 2: 1232-4. This study was placebo-controlled and showed dramatic contrast in response to hypnosis treatment above the placebo group. The hypnotherapy patients showed a dramatic improvement in all central symptoms and showed no relapses during the 3-month follow-up period.

2. Gonsalkorale WM, Toner BB, Whorwell PJ. J Psychosom Res. 2004 Mar;56(3):271-8. Cognitive change in patients undergoing hypnotherapy for irritable bowel syndrome. Cognitive changes were evaluated in 78 IBS patients who completed a 12-session hypnosis treatment course, using the recently developed Cognitive Scale for Functional Bowel Disorders. Hypnotherapy resulted in improvement of symptoms, quality of life, anxiety and depression. 

3.  Effective Management of Irritable Bowel syndrome – The Manchester Model – International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, 54(1): 21–26, 2006

Please note :  For some conditions hypnotherapy can only be used if you have written permission from your GP or consultant, including any condition where you are are under supervision of a psychiatrist or mental health professional.  This is to ensure that any medical treatment you may be undergoing will not conflict with hypnotherapy or vice versa.  If you have any questions about this please contact us directly for more information before booking a session.  Please see our information page for further details including our therapy disclaimer.

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