Practice Fees

We endeavour to make our services affordable and we set our practice fees accordingly. For those on limited income or suffering financial hardship we try to offer our services at a reduced fee, subject to availability.

We offer a Free Consultation to prospective clients allowing them to ask questions and decide if they wish to pursue a course of treatment. The free consultation also gives us a chance to assess your needs and to advise the appropriate treatment programme.

  • Hypnotherapy Practice Fees

    One to One sessions – £60 – Approximately 60-75 minutes.
    The standard “one hour” hypnotherapy session does not fit Alan’s style of working. Please bear this in mind when comparing with other therapists charges and also note at the first session is also usually longer (up to 90 minutes).  The first session includes an intake discussion, explanation of the hypnosis process and devising a programme of treatment with the client.

    Virtual Gastric Band weight loss programme – £325 which includes 4 weekly sessions, personalised CD’s and written material.

    Stop Smoking Programme – £150 – Two Sessions of around 2-3 hours each.  This is a two session stop smoking programme with sessions spaced 2-3 days apart.

  • BWRT Practice Fees

    Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT®)   Practice attendance or Online Skype/Facetime  – £60 – Approximately 60 minutes, first session is longer.

  • Reiki Practice Fees

    One to One Reiki Treatment – £35 – Approximately 60 minutes.  Includes a short rest period after treatment.

  • Multi-Modal Practice Fees

    One to One sessions – £60 – Minimum session length 90 Mins.
    Multi-modal treatments are offered where a combination of therapies is seen to be beneficial i.e. IBS sufferers usually find that a combination of Reiki and Hypnotherapy brings good results.

Payment of Fees

One to one Sessions – Payment can be made by bank transfer (BACS) prior to treatment, or by cash at the commencement of each session.

Virtual Gastric Band Programme and Stop Smoking Programme – Payment in full is required prior to commencement of the programme.

Please see our Practice Information page regarding cancellations and charges.