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"The most important conversations you will ever have is the one you have with yourself"


Hypnotherapy is an effective way to help reduce your overall levels of stress and take back control of your life.  At JustLetGo we see many clients with varying levels of stress and most show substantial improvement after just a few sessions.  Reiki can also help and is a totally relaxing way to “Let Go” of everyday pressures and the tension that can make you ill.

We teach you self help and stress management skills which you can use at any time when you need to relax and manage the pressures of everyday life.

Stress in a nutshell

Stress is part of the human make up, and has always been there since we first walked the Earth.  It can be good for us in some situations and can give us the enthusiasm to achieve, to be active, to compete, however, when we suffer from the negative kind it can make us ill.

Today modern life is a lot different from the way our forefathers lived.  We might have more money, time off from work, etc. but the fact is we have too many things happening at once to allow ourselves to truly relax.  We need to find ways to manage our stress effectively, otherwise life is not as much fun as it used to be.

We take our work home with us, the mobile phone and email were supposed to make our life easier, but now we are slaves to them and remain contactable 24/7.  Family life has also become more hectic as the availability of modern technology, travel, and many leisure activities creates extra stress as we try to cram more and more into our family life.

Hypnotherapy help for stress

Stay or run away?

When you are stressed it is your bodies reaction to something that has challenged you.  Depending on the event you have encountered, the nervous system reacts and produces a “flight or fight” response.  It stems from our animal instincts to stay alive by facing the threat or running away from it.  Although most stress we encounter today is not immediately life threatening, the same response remains, and when faced with multiple challenges and little time to complete them we encounter the negative effects.  Some people can have a mixture of fight and flight, i.e. you may appear to be calm and content but under the surface you are like a pressure vessel that is waiting to explode.

When you are an independent observer of someone suffering day to day stress it is often easy to spot.  For the sufferer though they often do not realise that they are in a stressful situation until it becomes chronic and overcomes them.


  • Regularly feeling very emotional
  • Continually feeling tense or “wound up”
  • Restless – unable to sit still or relax
  • Heated discussions or arguments


  • Shutting down – not taking part
  • Detached from normal everyday events
  • Little emotion
  • Loss of energy or motivation.

Tips on how to manage stress

Learn how to say no.

Are you placing yourself in situations where you are put under pressure because you think you “should” do something rather than it being mandatory? Take control of your workload and avoid “volunteering” for everything.


Whether it is work or family matters learning to alter the pressure you feel is important.  Instead of holding back, speak your mind with others and let them know that you have a finite amount of time at your disposal.  Often you can compromise or agree to share responsibilities with others which reduces the workload and pressure.

Of course there are situations or circumstances that you cannot change and in these cases you need to adapt or deal with the stress in another way by learning some useful stress managemnt skills. There is much that can be done to alleviate the effects of negative stress and gain control of your life.

7/11 Breathing

This is a simple but effective breathing technique that can calm and relax you in any situation. You simply exhale for longer than you inhale by counting to 7 breathing in, and 11 breathing out. At first you may find that you breathe and count quickly but after a while you can really slow down your counting and enjoy a calm relaxed feeling throughout your body and mind.

Nothing beats one to one therapy and at JustLetGo we can offer you a stress management programme that helps you deal with stress in positive ways and helps you manage other stressors that are unavoidable in life.

Hypnotherapy BWRT & Reiki can really help

  • Hypnosis

    Hypnotherapy can be a very effective for stress relief.  By entering a relaxed state of mind in hypnosis the mind re-connects with the feelings of relaxation and regular use of hypnosis re-enforces the feeling and the ability of the individual to “Let go”.  Even after a single hypnotherapy session many people find they have a more relaxed outlook, find that they are sleeping better, and have the ability to manage their day to day pressures that they encounter, where previously they found difficulty.

  • Self-Hypnosis

    At JustLetGo you can learn self-hypnosis, a skill that you can use throughout your entire life to help you manage stress.  Self-hypnosis also enhances your ability to concentrate, and allows your powerful creative subconscious to come to the fore and help you plan the future life that you deserve.

  • Reiki - a natural way to relax

    Reiki can be an effective treatment to reduce the effects of stress.  Reiki is a totally relaxing way to let go and release stress and tension, and can also help your physical body and emotional welfare.

    Reiki does not require a detailed discussion or exploration of the reasons for your stress and for some people may be the ideal therapy to use.  More information about Reiki treatments can be found by visiting our Reiki page.

  • Which Therapy Is Best For Me?

    Both Reiki and Hynotherapy can be very effective in reducing stress.  Your therapist can advise you during consultation which they consider to be best for your individual needs.  In some cases a multi-modal approach is also more effective, alternating Reiki and Hypnotherapy sessions.

Help is at Hand

There is no doubt that excessive stress can make you ill and is a contributary factor to many physical and mental health problems.  At JustLetGo we have helped many people deal effectively with stress, with a programem tailored for you, including stress management techniques. Using BWRT, Hypnotherapy and other life long relaxation techniques can help you mange the stressful things in your life.  We offer a FREE 20 MINUTE CONSULTATION to all prospective clients, which allows you to ask any questions about our therapies before deciding on a course of action.  We will also treat you with the utmost respect and assure you of our confidentiality at all times.

Don’t let it ruin your life, a life that deserves to be fun and enjoyable.

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Lower your Stress Levels!

hypnotherapy lower stress levels

Please note:

For some conditions hypnotherapy can only be used if you have written permission from your GP or consultant, including any condition where you are are under supervision of a psychiatrist or mental health professional. This is to ensure that any medical treatment you may be undergoing will not conflict with hypnotherapy or vice versa. If you have any questions about this please contact us directly for more information before booking a session.  Please see our information page for further details including our therapy disclaimer.

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