bbrs-founder_member-Justletgo Amesbury Wiltshire

British BrainWorking Research Society

New Brain Working Research Society launches

The 5th of Jan 2017 saw the launch of BBRS, the British BrainWorking Research Society.  I am extremely proud to be a founder member of the society and look forward to exciting future developments in the field of Neuroscience.   Currently the first major project the society is pursuing is the Read more

Reiki level one class amesbury wiltshire

Reiki Level 1 course at Justletgo Amesbury

Reiki Level 1 Course at Justletgo – A huge success! Our first Reiki level 1 course was completed on 4th October and what a wonderful two days it turned out to be!  Our students worked together like they had known each other forever, and all had individual experiences to relate after being introduced to the […]

back in the room itv 1st episode

Back in the room – Umm…did you actually leave

Well it was a riveting show wasn’t it!

Did you see the mysterious and scary phenomenon of “Mind Control” revealed on the show?  Errr…It was more like a group of stage managed amateur thespians who were determined to act out their roles in the most realistic way for a tidy sum of money.

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you're back in the room itv show

You’re Back In The Room – stage hypnosis antics revealed

Are You Back In The Room?

As I write this the new ITV show You’re Back In The Room is due to grace our screens next Saturday. Already it is causing concern amongst some Clinical Hypnotherapists who feel that it will create negativity towards the therapeutic use of Clinical Hypnosis.

As a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist I do not feel that the programme will negatively affect our profession to any significant degree, however I hope that readers of my blog who are curious about hypnosis will read on to discover why it is so beneficial and why stage hypnosis is not what it appears to be.

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brain working recursive therapy

Content Free Therapy that doesn’t invade your privacy BWRT

Brain Working Recursive Therapy is a new and exciting content free therapy created and developed by Terence Watts, therapist, author, and principal of the Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis in 2011.  This exciting new protocol is bringing rapid results for many people, often in a single session and rarely requiring more than four.

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meditation and self-hypnosis

Meditation and Self-Hypnosis

Many people consider meditation is “mumbo jumbo” or “New Agey” and is of no consequence and that hypnosis is a make believe state of mind that doesn’t exist.  In this short article I’d like to explain the basics of meditation and self-hypnosis and why you should use them to enhance your quality of life.

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woman in hypnosis

Hypnosis – Stage – Clinical and Hypno Surgery

Hypnosis has been around since ancient Egytpian times and maybe even earlier.  There is evidence that suggests the Egyptians had “sleep temples” where citizens could go to meditate and enter trance states to resolve problems.  Hieroglyphics found in tombs depicted figure waving hands over others suggesting a form of hypnotic induction.

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