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Virtual Gastric Band

“You must have long-range goals to keep you from being frustrated by short-range failures”
Charles C. Noble

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis is a remarkable weight loss programme, pioneered and developed by Hypnotherapist Sheila Granger, the system is based on the concept of a gastric band fitted around the stomach, but unlike the physically fitted band there is no invasive surgery. Using clinical hypnotherapy a “virtual” gastric band is installed in the subconscious mind of the client. The most powerful part of their mind then accepts the concept that they can eat small portions of food and enjoy good health.

“The virtual gastric band programme is designed for healthy weight loss”

Lose weight naturally – 5lbs, 50lbs or more

Whatever your target weight is Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis can help you achieve your goal, and change your relationship with food forever.

No diets!

The Virtual Gastric Band programme is designed so that you get to eat what you like but smaller portions. That way you do not feel deprived, hungry or miserable as you do on many other weight loss programmes. The Virtual Gastric Band programme is designed to re-educate the part of your brain that has for so long thought it was OK to over-eat.


The Virtual Gastric Band 28 Day Programme

The Programme in brief

  • No invasive surgery or bad side effects

    Unlike the Gastric Band which requires major surgery with the inherent risks and long recovery period, the Virtual Gastric Band is free of any risk to your health.  The only side effects being a boost for your self-esteem, higher energy and fitness levels and enjoying wearing the clothes you really want to!

  • Healthy Weight Loss

    Crash diets and rapid weight loss methods usually result in the person feeling deprived and at a later date they will gain the weight and often put on more weight.  Rapid weight loss is also not recommended for your overall health.  With this programme you lose weight gradually, most people’s weight reduces by 1-2 pounds per week.

  • 28 Day programme with support

    The programme is spread over 28 days as that is a period of time normally associated with your mind learning a new skill or routine.  You attend four weekly one to one hypnosis sessions which last for approximately 75 mins, and are re-inforced by listening to a 20 minute audio recording daily.

  • Life Changing Process

    The Virtual Gastric Band can be a life changing experience for those that follow it.  They not only benefit from feeling fit and healthy, but they often find their real purpose in life after taking back control of their weight.  Relationships improve and many find that they see life in a completely different way.

Using Your Hidden Mind Power

The Virtual Gastric Band programme deals effectively with the unconscious reasons for overeating by using the power of hypnosis to directly communicate with your subconscious mind. Hypnosis is actually a natural state of awareness which we enter every day when waking up or going to sleep, or when concentrating on a good book or TV without being aware of anything else! Your relationship with food changes and your subconscious mind can be re-trained to accept smaller portions of food.  The result is that your brain sets a new limit on the amount of food you eat at mealtimes. Once you reach your new intake level set by the brain your stomach feels full and there is no desire to eat more food.

28 Days to a new way of life

This is a 28 day programme comprising of 4 hypnotherapy sessions during which the reasons for your overeating are discussed and suggestions are given to re-educate the part of your brain that drives the cravings. The suggestions are then re-inforced by daily listening to a personalised audio track, specially prepared for you, so that your brain focuses on the new healthy eating habits.  Light exercise is also part of the programme and you can decide the type of exercise to do.

Testimonial from one of  Sheila Granger clients.

Why the Virtual Gastric Band Programme?

There are several weight loss programmes that use the principle of a “virtual” gastric band, however after evaluating them Alan chose the Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band programme after reading about two trials carried out in UK where Shelia Granger’s results were very encouraging.  The first trial saw 24 out of 25 candidates lose an astounding 190lbs (almost 14 stones) in 5 weeks. This result attracted the attention of a General Practitioner in Beverley, East Yorkshire, and subsequently a 2nd trial was conducted with 12 of his patients who had been removed from the bariatric surgery waiting list on the UK’s National Health Services (NHS) list. This group also responded to the programme positively with an over 90% success rate.


Like any training programme or worthwhile activity it requires some commitment on your part to follow the programme as directed by your practitioner.  The hypnotherapy sessions are designed to make the changes within your brain and belief system which are then re-inforced by other lifestyle changes.

Once you make the commitment you have a great chance of succeeding, provided you follow the simple guidelines which include: –

  • Attending for 4 Hypnotherapy sessions which take place weekly
  • Following simple exercise guidelines
  • Listening at least once per day to a specially prepared audio recording which re-enforces the work done in the hypnotherapy sessions.

What does it cost?

Considering the cost of other diet and weight loss programmes which often run for many months, some of which require the purchase of expensive food supplements and packs, the Virtual Gastric Band Programme costs a very reasonable £325, which includes: –

  • Detailed initial consultation to assess your relationship with eating and develop a plan
  • Four intensive one to one hypnosis sessions that are personalised for your needs
  • Hypnotic Audio recordings to listen to daily, maximising your weight loss potential.

Get On The Program Now…

  • Ready To Change Your Life?

    Don’t wait any longer.  There has never been a better time than now to get on the programme and carve out a new, healthy lifestyle that allows you to look and feel exactly how you want to.

  • Lose the weight that is right for you

    The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis programme can help you reach your target weight, whether you wish to lose 5lbs, 50lbs or more.  You decide your target weight and on reaching it can maintain it easily because you have changed your lifestyle and relationship with food.

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Call Alan today on 01980 505645 and begin the journey to a lighter, healthier and enjoyable life!

Successful weight control

virtual gastric band hypnosis for successful weight loss

Virtual gastric band practitioner

Please note:

For some conditions hypnotherapy can only be used if you have written permission from your GP or consultant, including any condition where you are are under supervision of a psychiatrist or mental health professional. This is to ensure that any medical treatment you may be undergoing will not conflict with hypnotherapy or vice versa. If you have any questions about this please contact us directly for more information before booking a session.  Please see our information page for further details including our therapy disclaimer.

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