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You’re Back In The Room – stage hypnosis antics revealed

Are You Back In The Room?

As I write this the new ITV show You’re Back In The Room is due to grace our screens next Saturday. Already it is causing concern amongst some Clinical Hypnotherapists who feel that it will create negativity towards the therapeutic use of Clinical Hypnosis.

As a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist I do not feel that the programme will negatively affect our profession to any significant degree, however I hope that readers of my blog who are curious about hypnosis will read on to discover why it is so beneficial and why stage hypnosis is not what it appears to be.

At this stage (no pun intended) we can only speculate as to what will actually take place on the show, however it will almost certainly play on the old unfounded myth that hypnosis makes people do things against their will.

Mind Control

Contestants in You’re Back In the Room will compete for cash prizes after being put in a trance by a hypnotist who claims to have ‘hacked’ into their minds according to reports in the press.  The stage hypnotist who allegedly claims that contestants threw away chances to win money said “It is something they would never ordinarily do, unless of course they were hypnotised.”

So why does it appear that they are under control of the hypnotist and how does it differ from Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Stage hypnosis makes use of several aspects of human behaviour and psyche which when combined appear to give the hypnotist superior “mind control” powers.  Generally the subjects most likely to be found suitable for a hypnosis stage shows are:

  1. People who volunteer to appear on stage are generally extroverted and there to have a good time.
  2. People who are curious about hypnosis and have bought into the mind control belief after years of media hype.
  3. People who are amongst a small percentage of the population who can access a deep state of hypnosis rapidly.

Selection of the most suitable contestants, candidates or stage performers is done by the hypnotist after he has spent a little while giving the audience suggestions.  One common technique is to have them lock their hands together above their head and suggesting they are unable to open them again when he counts to three.  Then the most suggestible members of the audience are brought together on the stage to have them unlocked.  The hypnotist assesses them and chooses those that are most likely to achieve the deepest state of hypnosis.

In the forthcoming show the contestants will apparently throw away the chance to win cash due to being under control of hypnosis.  I will leave you to speculate if they got paid for doing this, however the one thing that you should know is this:

In hypnosis you are always in control of your actions

Before I became a hypnotherapist I was fascinated by the phenomenon and attended a stage show where it did seem that the hypnotist was in control of all that happened on the stage.  As I recall that night’s performance, knowing what I know now as a professional clinical hypnotherapist, I realise that several of those on stage did not comply with all of the requests to carry out silly acts.  On receiving some suggestions they simply ignored them and the hypnotist moved on to the next person in line.  The important point here is that a person in hypnosis has complete control over what they say; their actions and behaviour and can never be coerced into doing anything against their morals or beliefs.

What is Hypnosis Really?

Hypnosis is simply a different state of awareness which we all experience daily, just as we awake and just before we slip into slumber.  It’s an altered state of awareness that we allow ourselves to enter for various reasons, and I’m sure you can recognise these two scenarios:

Driving – You travel the same route every day to and from work and sometimes you arrive without consciously being aware of part of the journey.

Reading or watching TV/Internet browsing – You are so absorbed in a good book, watching TV or browsing that you aren’t even aware of a family member speaking you.

Focussed Awareness

When we enter a state of hypnosis we are aware of other sounds around us, aware of others communicating with us if wish to concentrate on their words, or we simply ignore those sounds.  I have worked with clients where there has been loud aircraft flying overhead, heavy street traffic, loud music next door, and all of these normally distracting sounds had no effect whatsoever on the hypnosis session.  The person undergoing therapy can simply tune out distractions and concentrate on the work they want to do.

Will I be watching the show?

I will be watching You’re back in the room with a professional eye, aware, as I hope you are now, that it is entertainment with a twist, where the contestants are completely aware of their actions despite how it may seem.

ITV’s – You’re back in the room Gameshow trailer

I hope that this short article will help you to understand that hypnosis is not a mind control method of putting people into zombie like states.  Perhaps the show will arouse your interest in using the natural power of hypnosis to bring about beneficial changes in your life.

In my practice I use this natural state of mind, known as hypnosis, to help my clients with many diverse problems, as well as the more common everyday issues.  Hypnotherapy can help you lose weight, stop smoking, manage excessive stress, something that is increasing in our modern lifestyle and that is associated with many physical conditions such as IBS, ME-CFS and Unexplained Infertility.

I’d love to hear your comments about the game show – You’re back in the room and your hypnosis and hypnotherapy experiences and opinions.   Please feel free to add them below and I look forward to following up this article as the show unfolds.

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