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Back in the room – Umm…did you actually leave

Well it was a riveting show wasn’t it!

Did you see the mysterious and scary phenomenon of “Mind Control” revealed on the show?  Errr…It was more like a group of stage managed amateur thespians who were determined to act out their roles in the most realistic way for a tidy sum of money.

Mind Hacking

Did any one actually take it seriously?  Yes, the stage hypnotist went to great pains to convince us that he had got inside their minds and they would throw away the chance to win cash.  Quite clearly this was not the case, as we saw in the last “game” where things didn’t go quite to plan.  One contestant was told that he would find great difficulty carrying the large plastic balls because they were extremely slippery.  This deep hypnotic suggestion had no effect whatsoever, in fact it looked more like they were permanently stuck to him as he made sure he went for the maximum possible amount he could deposit to win more money.  Either the contestant was not hypnotised, or if he were, he simply decided to be a winner rather than follow the suggestions he received.

Mass Amnesia

As expected they all suffered a mass amnesia on being interviewed after the show when they were “back in the room”.  They all claimed to have had little recall of what they had done, something which was attributed to the control of their thoughts but which in reality is untrue.  In any hypnotic state you are aware of everything you do and have a choice of whether to take action or not, including whether to recall an event or ignore that it actually happened.  Of course admitting that they had remembered everything would have undermined the mind control element of the show.

To be fair a couple of the contestants did exhibit some signs of being in an altered state of awareness.  I have no doubt that the stage hypnotist took his part in the show seriously and is capable of creating the hypnotic state with willing volunteers, however one can’t help but wonder how much say he was allowed to have in the production process.

All in all it was a somewhat slapstick affair which depending on your sense of humour you would have found hilarious or would have sent you scrambling for the remote control after a few seconds.

This week I’m back in my room, the JustLetGo therapy room that is.  I will be looking forward to hearing what some of my new clients thought about the show when they attend my practice for clinical hypnotherapy.  Will I be using a swinging watch or shouting “Sleep” to take over their mind…I don’t think so!

What do you think?

  • Did the show add to your knowledge of hypnosis?
  • Did it make you want to experience hypnosis for yourself?
  • Did it make you more wary of hypnosis in general?
  • Did it put you to sleep due to boredom?

I’d love to hear your opinions or comments on the show and hypnosis in particular.  Please add them below and if you’d like to receive my newsletter in the future where I share my latest therapy news and articles with you, just add your name and email to the Blog Subscription box in the sidebar.

Alan is a professional clinical hypnotherapist, Reiki master and BWRT practitioner, practising in Amesbury, Salisbury, Wiltshire.  He has been in practice since 2005 and is a member of the APHP and the IBWRT governing body.  Hypnotherapy can help you lose weight, stop smoking, manage excessive stress, something that is increasing in our modern lifestyle and that is associated with many physical conditions such as IBS, ME-CFS and Unexplained Infertility.


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